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Loan Periods

Loan Periods

  • Books and magazines: 21 days
  • DVD/Blu-ray/TV Series: 14 days
  • Music CDs: 21 days
  • Audiobooks: 21 days
  • Reference books circulate at the discretion of the department supervisor

The length of time or number of items that patrons may keep items of a certain type (holiday books, books on specific subjects, or by specific authors, for example) may be temporarily reduced at the discretion of the department supervisor or Library Director.

Loan Limits

The material loan limits exist to enable fair access to the Library's resources. Patrons are limited to borrowing up to 50 physical items. Limits per item type are as follows:

  • 50 books
  • 10 DVD/Blu-Ray/TV series
  • 10 Music CDs
  • 10 Audiobooks
  • 3 Playaways
  • 3 Kits
  • 5 CloudLibrary Items at a time

Loan periods on any material may be extended at the discretion of the circulation supervisor, who may consult with other department supervisors to determine the need for the item to be returned. When the due date falls on a holiday for which the library is closed, the loan period will be extended until the next day that the library is open.

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