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Display Policy

Policies Regarding
Display Case, Bulletin Boards and Information Counters

To provide exhibition space for non-profit organizations in the community who wish to publicize their activities, history and projects.  The aim of the exhibit should be educational, cultural and/or for the betterment of the community.

Exhibit glass cases are in the Library entrance.  Bulletin boards and Information counter are in the first floor lobby.

Though the Library may provide space for a display or exhibit, this does not necessarily indicate that the Library endorses the position of the exhibit or display.

Permission will be denied to exhibits which are commercial, denominational or political or any other exhibit deemed inappropriate for display.  In case of dispute, the final decision will rest with the Library Director and/or the Board of Directors.  No items may be displayed for sale.

Application and waiver form:
An application specifying terms of the agreement and a waiver of liability must be signed.

Display cases may be reserved with the Library Director up to one year in advance for one month of time.  Organizations will be limited to one exhibit within one year.  The Circulation Supervisor will handle the exhibit calendar.

Items must be removed by the end of the display period.  If not picked up within five days, the items will be disposed of at the discretion of the Library.

The display areas will be open during regular Library hours.

The Library will not be responsible for publicizing the exhibits.

The exhibit cases are locked and designed to be reasonably secure.  Security guards for the exhibit cannot be provided.

The Library is not financially responsible for loss or damage to displays.  Neither the Temple Public Library nor the City of Temple carries insurance covering property not owned by the Library.  Damage caused by the exhibitors to the display case will be their responsibility.

Space for bulletin board and counter items are primarily for use of the Library and City of Temple.  Remaining space is available to organizations as described above.  Bulletin board size limit is 12” X 20”.  Counter items must be 12” X 4” or less.

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