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Display Policy

The Temple Public Library has adopted the following Library Display Policy to guide librarians and to inform the public about the principles upon which display themes and materials are chosen.

Library display tables and display cases are only for Temple Public Library or City of Temple displays. Public bulletin boards on the first and second floors are available for the posting of notices; however, display items must be reviewed by Library administrative staff and are subject to rules and guidelines as outlined in the Bulletin Board Policy.

Displays are used to highlight new materials, educate the public about the variety of subjects, genres, and formats offered, and to stimulate interest in the library collections, services, and resources.

Placement of materials on displays does not imply the Library's endorsement of ideas, opinions, or viewpoints expressed therein.

Displays should support the Library's mission statement:

The Temple Public Library is a welcoming space for the families and residents of Temple and the surrounding areas to access information, connect with services, engage with other community members, and acquire experiences through programming and library materials to spur life-long learning and enrichment.

The following criteria will be considered when selecting or approving displays:

  • Format and style are suitable for intended audience (e.g. adult materials will not be included in displays in the children's area).
  • Appropriateness to seasonal events, holidays, etc.
  • Relation to current events.
  • Historical or regional relevance.
  • Relation to events in the community.
  • Relation to Library events and programming.
  • Representation of a genre, trend, or culture.
  • Interest of patrons and the public.

Guidelines for displays:

  • Themes and materials selected should fulfill the Library's mission to provide materials which meet patrons' interests and needs.
  • Materials should be in good condition.
  • Topical displays should represent the wide variety of viewpoints offered in the collections.
  • Displays should not promote a specific religion, political party, or cause.
  • Any signage included should clearly state the theme of the display.

Approval of displays:

  • Youth Services Librarian is responsible for Children's, Youth, and Teen displays.
  • Adult Services Librarian is responsible for Adult and Genealogy displays.
  • Final approval of all displays lies with the Library Director.
  • Patrons who request the reconsideration of library display materials will be asked to follow the procedures concerning reconsideration of library materials as outlined in the City of Temple's Collection Development policy.

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