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Patron Conduct

The Temple Public Library has established certain standards of acceptable behavior on library property in order to maintain an atmosphere that promotes the use and enjoyment of the resources and services of the library; promote the safety of the general public and library staff; and protect the building, furniture, equipment, and materials of the library. To succinctly summarize this policy to the public, we utilize the phrase “Respect Others, Respect the Building, Respect Staff.” Below are the general guidelines for staff to reference when maintaining a safe and respectful atmosphere in and around the Temple Public Library.

Acceptable use of Library Card: Library materials may only be checked out by the card holder. Requests for exceptions to this policy may be made by the card holder in-person at the Circulation Department desk.

Disruptive Behavior: This type of behavior includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Engaging in or promoting any illegal or illicit act on library grounds
  • Engaging in any behavior that hinders another’s use of the library
  • Selling and/or soliciting for services, money, or items in the library or on library grounds
  • Distributing handbills in the library or on library grounds
  • Sleeping or spreading out of a person or their belongings on library furniture
  • Moving, damaging, or putting one’s feet on library furniture
  • Blocking library entrances
  • Entering the library without proper clothing attire (shirts, pants, dresses/skirts, shoes)
  • Making unreasonably loud, disturbing, or unnecessary noise through speech, use of a phone, use of an instrument, use of an electronic device, or use of any library furniture or materials
  • Misusing of public restrooms through vandalism, removing or changing clothing outside of a closed stall, bathing, shaving, washing clothes, sexual activity, or deliberately creating an unsanitary condition
  • Engaging in disruptive or harassing conduct including abusive, insulting, or threatening language, actions, or gestures
  • Refusing to cooperate with library staff
  • Misusing or defacing library materials, furnishings, equipment, or facilities
  • Using alcohol or illegal substances on library grounds
  • Using tobacco products, vaping, matches, or lighters within the library or within 20 feet of the library’s entrance
  • Consuming food or drinks at library computer stations or leaving food or drink waste outside waste receptacles
  • Failing to supervise children in your care (see also the Unattended Child Policy)
  • Entering non-public areas of the building without library staff permission

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