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Forget Me Not

Do you remember all those awesome movies or tv shows you used to watch as a kid? What about the books you reread over and over while you waited to get the next in your favorite series? Ignite that spark again with the help of your handy dandy library! Find an old favorite to enjoy again or show to a family member or friend as something exciting and new. From movies to books and even games, the Temple Public Library has so many blasts from the past to share! Take a look at some of our favorite things we loved as a kid and still love today. 



    In 1970, Aristocats swarmed everyone’s hearts with a heartfelt story about a family of cats and their journey back home. In Paris, France, a            mother cat and her three kittens are one day pampered and loved and the next day traveling unknown streets. This short movie has it all-            silly humor, great musical numbers, and a discussion about what family really means. This movie may be from fifty years ago, but still to this      day, everybody wants to be a cat. 

star wars

     A couple years later, in 1977, Star Wars released and changed the entire world. Later, it was renamed Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope,               because not only would it be part of a trilogy, it would also have a prequel trilogy, a sequel trilogy, several stand-alone movies, and                         numerous television and streaming series set in the same world. Kids and adults alike long to be a brave hero ready to save the galaxy or a         dastardly villain decked in the coolest outfits ever. If you can’t get enough of the Star Wars universe, there are tons of books you can find at           the library that can fill that need for more. 

space jame - Copy  

    Who knew that in 1996, one silly comedy
show could spark such great imagination in so many people?
Space Jam merged live-action and          animation in one super fun and super silly movie. Looney Tunes and basketball were and still are some of our favorite things. When this                  movie came out, it was beyond popular. It stayed so beloved that 25 years later, they made another one! Sometimes, those old loves inspire        people to keep making more awesome things.


    Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and Mulan proved that in 1998. Based on the legend of Hua Mulan, this movie shows how one should be      true to oneself and do the right thing. The young heroine’s actions spoke to girls all over the world as they learned who they were and what          was important to them. Along the ride, of course, is her comic relief dragon who makes everything fun even in the face of danger. To top it off,      the music and songs are also pretty amazing.


    This one may not sound like it was too long ago, but back in 2014 (almost ten years now!), The Lego Movie took to the theaters and our                  hearts. Legos have been incredibly popular toys since they were created back in the 1930s. Since then, their popularity has risen so much that      not only do we build with these blocks, but we also watch full movies and games created entirely out of them. After the creation of many              successful Lego video games based on movies and superheroes, the Lego Movie was a smash hit that paved the way for many more Lego          animated movies. 


winnie the pooh book

    Winnie-the-Pooh is a children’s book written by author A. A. Milne and published in 1926. The beloved bear has been around for almost 100         hundred years! The sweet adventures of young boy Christopher Robin and his stuffed animals speak to just about everyone regardless of             age. Since the original story, there have been many more books, movies, and television series. If Christopher Robin could have such a vivid           and wonderful imagination, so can the rest of us.

freckle juice

    Judy Blume has written so many amazing books for children. One of our favorites is Freckle Juice, a true to life story about a kid who wants to      be different than he is. Published in 1971, this book still holds true to kids today. In this goofy tale, readers follow Andrew as he tries to be like            someone else instead of being himself. His journey may have been short but was also extremely important in the eyes of a child growing up        and learning to love himself. This being such a short book may make you sad for it to end so quickly but have no fear! Judy Blume has plenty      of other books for you to read.


    Have you ever had one of those days that never seems to turn out right? That’s how Alexander feels in Alexander and the                         Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day written by Judith Viorist. Even though this book came out in 1972, readers today still     
    relate to the tale of the absolute worst day ever. It is always nice to see that when you are having a rotten day, you are not the 
    only one.
This book is both silly and very real It continues to be just as relevant today as it did all those years ago.


    There are thirty-four (34) books in the Cam Jansen series, and we are not sure that is enough. David A. Adler published the first book in 1980.
    The books continued until 2014, when he published the last one. 
Cam is a fifth-grade sleuth with a photographic memory who can’t help but
mysteries. With the help of her best friend, Eric, Cam takes a snapshot of the things going on in her everyday life to later use to solve her
Hopefully you can remember this great series the next time you come to the library.

scary stories

    A little darker than the rest, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is one of the best books for kids who are ready to branch out into the scarier
    genre. Back in 1981, Alvin Swartz compiled an anthology of short stories specifically written for children.
The stories may be a bit on the goofy
    side, but they also
delve into eerie tales in American Folklore. If the stories weren’t enough, some may be chilled to the bone by the shadowy
    art on the cover and throughout the book. This book and its sequels are just the right amount of
creepy for someone ready to take on that


mister roger

    One of the longest running children’s shows, Mister Rogers Neighborhood started in 1968 and ended in 2001. Speaking to all
    children in the world, Mister Rogers
tackled subjects like art, science, make-believe, and emotions. This show was the first to utilize
    television to directly educate children. Mister Rogers, a real-life human, stood in front of a camera and spoke with the kids. He
    was quiet, allowed them to consider what he said, and was there for them during
hard times in their everyday lives.


    Starting around the same time, the original Scooby Doo, Where Are You! began a whole new era of mystery-solving shows. In 1969, the
    Mystery Inc. began solving what seemed like impossible crimes with ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. Of course,
it was all a fake – most of the
The show ran for only just over a year, but it was picked back up eight years later. As the years went on, and popularity would come
    back, there would be another Scooby Doo iteration, whether that be movie, television show, animated cartoon, or live action!
There are plenty
    of book series too!
The Library has so many different movies and series to keep you and your family busy for quite a while.


    Back in 1992, a new animated show about a crime-solving superhero appeared on television screens. Batman: The Animated Series became
    one of the most beloved versions of a superhero, though that is not to say there aren’t plenty of amazing ones out there! For some of the
    younger people at the time, this was the first Batman
they had seen, and this changed their perspectives on superheroes. The show ran until
    1994, when it ended the first time. In 1997, it started again and
ran for two years until it had its true finale. Your love for this vigilante does not
    have to stop there.
From movies to tv shows to comics to novels, Batman can be found everywhere.

bill nye

    Look back at your childhood. You may have been one of the kids in your science class participating in the chant, “Bill! Bill! Bill!” No matter the
Bill Nye the Science Guy was and is one of the most popular science shows of choice in schools. From late elementary all the way
    through high school, something about this quirky show
chalk full of facts and jokes made kids want to learn some more. Airing originally from
    1993 to 1999,
middle school students in 2008 and high school students of 2022 still ask for this aging but relevant show.

blue's clues - Copy.PNG (2)

    Nothing engaged a child viewer like Blues Clues when it came out in 1996. Though there are plenty of shows now where the host breaks the
    fourth wall and talks directly to
those watching, Blues Clues was one of the first shows to encourage participation and critical thinking. Kids
    felt that Steve and Joe were their personal and close friends
who were asking them questions. Unlike some other shows with a similar setup,
    the kids watching were the main characters instead of the
characters on screen. The original show ran through 2006, but in 2019, Blue’s Clues
    and You!
began streaming for old and new audiences.



    Did you ever play Munchkin when you were younger? This card-based game from 2001 is like an RPG without all the roleplaying part. In this
    game, you can become a high-level
fantasy hero who cannot be beat by some measly dungeon. There are many different expansions and
    versions to improve your play experience. Here at the Library, we currently have
The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, and X-Men editions for you to
    enjoy with your family and friends!


    Here’s a harder question. Did you ever play Sorry!, Aggravation, Trouble, Ludo, or Parcheesi? If you did, you have essentially played a version
    of the same game.
You have to get your pawns safely around a board and home before everyone else sends you back to the start or gets all
their pieces home first. There are so many different versions, because there are so many different ways to play. Depending on the game,
    rolling dice, drawing cards, or
pressing a popper in the middle all move your pawns. The Pachisi game originated from Ancient India around
    400 A.D.
It headed west in the late 1800s, which is probably where the rest of the games originated. At the Library, check out Sorry! to enjoy
    with your friends.

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