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Game Night Just Got Better 

Once upon a time, libraries were places that you went just for the books. Maybe you were reading something for yourself, or you needed to conduct some research. You had to search through a card catalog, which was literally a fancy file cabinet just for cards that told you information about books, and hope that you could find what you wanted in the hundreds and thousands of cards. Sadly, if reading wasn’t your thing, you probably weren’t going to the library. 

But things have changed! Those dark times are over! Not only do we have an online catalog that is significantly easier to navigate, but we also have more things to check out than just books. Don’s get us wrong. We LOVE books, but we also love audiobooks and e-books through CloudLibrary, STEAM kits, and more. When you come to the library, you have access to a plethora of databases and online sources including ABC Mouse and for free. We also have the Seed Library where you can take seeds home, and the Temple Tool Library provides all temple residents the opportunity to use our tools for free. 

Okay, but do you know what the coolest thing is? Board games. The Temple Public Library has board games that you can check out and play with your friends and family. What kinds? All kinds! If you head up to the second floor, there’s a whole board game section. Here are some of our absolute favorites to get you in the mood.  

dice stars

Have you ever seen Dice Stars? If you like strategy or number games, this one is for you. Similar to Yahtzee, this dice game involves you rolling your dice and placing your scores in certain places that will be the most advantageous for you. There’s a dice pool where you can decide to take some and leave others that could turn out to be a win in the bag or a flop. This game is great for families but can also be played alone. This game is rated for ages 10 and up. Try your hand at this space game the next time you visit the Library! 
exploding kittens

Dice not your thing? What about a ‘kitty powered version of Russian Roulette’? That’s actually how Exploding Kittens describes itself! This card game is also full of strategy as you have to make sure that you can defuse the exploding kitten if you are unlucky enough to draw that card. Inevitably, someone will explode, and the last player standing is the winner! This game can be played with up to ten players, making it the perfect game to check out for a party or get together. It is rated for ages 7 and up. 


Maybe you want something a little less exciting than explosions of felines. How about you join the beautiful island of Catan? Settlers of Catan is an older game where you collect resources, build roads and cities, and create the best place possible. This game is ideal for three to four players, but you can play with up to six with some modified rules. Unlike some of the other games, this one is a bit longer as one game can take an hour and a half. This game is recommended for ages 10 and up. If you’re ready for an investment, this game may be calling to you! 

sushi go

Building your island may take what feels like a lifetime, but Sushi Go! only takes about fifteen minutes. This game has minimum rules and a system meant to move cards around quickly to maximize gameplay. You and your friends and family are at a sushi restaurant trying to get the best combination of sushi to score the most points. You have to quickly decide which sushi is the one for you or your cards might pass you by. This game can be played with two to five players and is rated for ages 8 and up. 

trash pandas

Have you ever wanted to be a raccoon? It’s your lucky day! Trash Pandas is a goofy card game where you and your friends fight to find the most luscious of leftovers. Roll the dice to dig through the trash but be careful! If you push your luck too far, you may wind up without anything! This game is also fast paced at about 20 minutes. This game is built for two to four players and rated for age 8 and up. 

Don’t want any cards or dice? No problem! Take a look at Werewords, a game of 20 Questions with a couple of twists. You have a time limit to guess a magic word where you can only ask yes or no questions, AND there’s a tricky werewolf who happens to know the answer. If you don’t guess the word in time, you can always guess who the werewolf is and still pull through with a victory. This game can be played with anywhere between four and ten players and is rated for ages 8 and up.

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