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Staff Spotlight

What is your name? 
Elizabeth S. Page

Where do you work in the Library and what's your position?
I collaborate closely with Director Natalie Alvara at the Temple Public Library's administrative offices. As the newly appointed Assistant Director of Libraries and Museums, I am charged with spearheading transformative strategic initiatives that will advance the library, the Fred M. Springer Archives, and the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum.

How long have you worked at the Library?
I started this new role in mid-December of 2023, so not very long!

What do you like best about your job?
My professional experience spans a number of non-profit and governmental organizations with a primary focus on strategic planning, marketing outreach, and operational excellence. This position allows me to use all of that knowledge to help build a cultural and learning hub that enhances the lives of those living in Temple. Very exciting to me!

What is the proudest moment in your life?
One of my greatest joys and proudest achievements is building a loving family with my husband, three remarkable daughters, and six grandchildren. Each moment spent with them fills my heart with pride and joy.

What is the most important thing you have learned in the last five years?
Learning is easier than ever! There are videos and tutorials about how to do anything and everything online right at our fingertips. And, the library is such a great place to start learning something new.

Three words to best describe you:
Curious, creative, and compassionate.

If you could witness any historical event, what would you want to see?
Dinosaurs, of course!

Favorite book quote?
"Pain is truth; all else is subject to doubt," from "Waiting for the Barbarians" by J. M. Coetzee.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
Barbecued raccoon (I didn't die, but not likely to eat it again).

What is your favorite thing to do in Temple?
I grew up in Topeka, Kansas - another railroad town very much like Temple - and I never get tired of watching or riding the trains!

You’re happiest when?
On the extremely rare occasion that I have nothing to do.

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