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Spooky Stories for Halloween

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Looking for some fun and fright this October? Check out these scary staff picks from your Temple Public Library, just in time for Halloween!

“The Shining” by Stephen King

The Shining, a classic Stephen King novel set in a remote part of the Colorado Rockies at the haunted, sinister Overlook hotel, which has a history of illicit affairs and brutal murders.  The Torrance family, Jack, Wendy and their five-year-old son Danny arrive just before the winter season unaware of the hotel’s horrific past. Jack takes over for the previous caretaker, Delbert Grady who shockingly murdered his wife and daughter.  Danny has a supernatural ability known as “The Shining” that he keeps secret from his parents but confides in a hotel staff member with the same ability. Danny resists the forces that inhabit the hotel that try to possess him. Instead, the spirits possess Jack and use him to kill his family.

Why we love it: It is an absolute classic with an especially unnerving plot. Being alone out in the middle of nowhere can be unsettling enough, but add in a psychotic father and you have yourself a lingering sense of creepy.

“A Quiet Place”

A Quiet Place is the story of the Abbots, Lee, Evelyn and their children Beau, Marcus and Regan who struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world fighting against human hunting monsters. To make any noise, is risking being killed by the ruthless predators. The family uses sign language communicate and remain quiet against the ultra-sensitive hearing of the extra-terrestrial beings. A family tragedy threatens drive the family apart, but the Abbots remain united against the terrifying creatures and look for a way to defeat them.

Why we love it: This movie shows just how much parents will do to protect their children, which is amazing. It also shows horrifying monsters and the human spirits ability to overcome nearly anything – even 8 ft tall, super-fast, mouths of terror.

“Horns” by Joe Hill

This dark fantasy horror grows darker by the page, with surprises you’ll never see coming. His dad may be the “King of Horror”, but Joe Hill can hold his own in this twisted genre.

Why we love it: This book had me laughing, gasping and exclaiming out loud up until the very last page!

“Trick R Treat”

Join the mysterious Sam Hain as viewers weave through intertwining urban legends that help show eager trick or treaters the correct way to follow the rules of Halloween…. or else!

Why we love it: I love that every part of this movie joins together into one tall tale! My favorite film for cool October evenings surrounded by family, popcorn and candy!

“Head Full of Ghosts” by Paul Tremblay

Marjorie is a young girl with sever problems, problems doctors cannot seem to solve or even identify. As it becomes more and more apparent that Marjorie’s problem may not be madness, but instead, something much more sinister, her family has to not only figure out how to cure her but . . . survive her.

Why we love it: This book is a mix of “The Haunting of Hill House” ad “Paranormal Activity” in a way that makes you question even your own sanity. Can you figure out the truth before the author reveals it?

“The Blair Witch Project”

This film created the found footage horror genre and still stands up to the test of time. Join a group of amateur actors and historians as they trek through the woods in search of answers about the Blair Witch. Here is a bit of a spoiler: They end up finding more than they bargained for.

Why we love it: What is not to love? This terrifying film is well acted, started the found-footage genre, and was one of the first ARG’s, building a back story and website for the characters in the film which made it that much more terrifying. Definitely worth watching again if you haven’t seen it in awhile.

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ConnectConnect with other Halloween fans this Fall by checking out these awesome events! 

2021 Trick or Read

Spooky season is here! Stop by the Temple Public Library in costume (or not) for some not-so-spooky short films, activities, and crafts! Bring the whole family for this come-and-go event! Visit us on both October 29 and October 30, any time from 10AM to 6PM to join in the fun! 

2021 Fright Fest

Fright Fest Creep Thru
Get ready for an evening of tricks and treats, as Temple celebrates Halloween at Fright Fest “Creep Thru” Saturday, October 30th from 6-8pm at Santa Fe Plaza (301 W Avenue A). Join us and our amazing community partners at Santa Fe Plaza for a safe night of trick or treating, costume contest and our amazing fire dancer show! This event is free to the public and does not require registration. Don’t miss it!

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