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We're seeing green this March! 

Celebrate the literature, traditions, and food of the Emerald Isle! This month we’re featuring books and movies from Irish authors, fun St. Patrick’s Day activities, and a recipe for a well-known Irish meal.

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Did you know that St. Patrick's Day is a feast day celebrated on March 17 in honor of a patron saint of Ireland named St. Patrick?
According to, he was born in Roman Britain in the late 4th century, kidnapped at the age of 16, taken to Ireland as a slave, escaped, and then returned about 432 CE to convert the Irish to Christianity. He had established numerous monasteries, churches, and schools, by the time of his death on March 17, 461. For more information, check out this website:


Are you in the holiday spirit? Try making this classic Irish meal this St. Patrick's Day!


Come by the library for some super fun and creative kids' crafting!


Kids' Craft Corner

Every 4th Thursday | 5PM | 1st Floor

Get messy, be creative, and make friends at the library!

On March 24, 2022 we will be making Cheerio bird feeders to help our feathered friends get through the rest of the cold winter months!

This program is for teens ages 7 - 12. For more events and programs, check out our calendar! For more children's programs, take a look at all of them here!

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Family & Friends Game Club

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday | 1PM - 5PM | 2nd Floor Quiet Room

Join the Temple Public Library and Chess Vets for some fun and exciting games on March 26. Learn how to play a new game or bring your own to play with friends new and old in a fun and friendly environment.

Anyone is welcome to come to this program! For more events and programs, check out our calendar!

For more events, be sure to visit our events page HERE or download a copy of our current calendar HERE.

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