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Poetry month is here!

Poetry acrostic including the words epic, ode, limerick, sonnet, prose, and lyric


Spotlight including the books Living Nations, Living Worlds; After Callimachus; and Promise That You Will Sing About Me

Five unique poetry facts

Interesting poetry ideas

CONNECTMystique and Mayhem program flyer

Mystique & Mayhem

1st Wednesdays | 5PM | 1st Floor

Do you want to start an adventure through the magic of storytelling and epic problem-solving? Do you want to explore places you have previously only dreamed of going before? Join the Temple Public Library and community members just like you every first Wednesday in the Teen Space for a brand new adventure!

This program is for ages 7 -11.

For more events, be sure to visit our events page HERE or download a copy of our current calendar HERE.

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