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Learning at Home and the Library!

Learning at Home and the Library! 

A brand-new year means brand-new experiences. This year, the Temple Public Library is excited to bring more opportunities to the homeschooling community by making new programming and resources available! From activities to online databases to a plethora of physical materials, we are here to support our community. 


Homeschool Meetup 

2nd Mondays | 3rd Floor McClain Room | 11AM – 1PM 

The library is now hosting a Homeschool Meetup for homeschoolers and families to come together and network with one another. We want to provide a space for families to find old friends and make new ones while playing some board games that the library provides or doing schoolwork together. Since it is lunchtime, everyone is welcome to bring their own brown bag lunch (or lunch in their favorite lunch box). 

This program is new! If you are interested, drop by to see if this is for you. If you think you know someone or a family that would be interested, let them know as well! 


Books in the Library 

The library has many books to use in your homeschooling endeavors. If you are looking for books specifically on homeschooling, there are a multitude of resources on our shelves. Our Parenting section on the first floor is full of home learning resources for adults who are preparing for future homeschooling or are looking for more ideas and resources. Our adult non-fiction collection also has quite a few books that have activities and guides for learning at home. 

There are also plenty of books for all ages on many different subjects. Are you learning math with your eight-year-old at home? We have books to help you! Our junior explorer non-fiction section has shelves of books on topics that your kids are learning with you. Some books are more factual, some are more heavily routed in activities and interactivity, and some feel more like stories that integrate each subject. 

Finding books in the non-fiction section can be pretty tricky if you do not know the Dewey Decimal System, the system we use to classify and sort our non-fiction books. Here’s a helpful guide to the Dewey Decimal System! It’s like a cheat sheet to non-fiction! 


 Dewey Decimal System

Online Resources 

Sometimes, the resources you may need are not available in the library, because they are checked out or we do not have them. One of the best resources are online databases. Through the library, everyone who has a library card has access to hundreds of databases and online sources. These databases have access to professional journals, ebooks, images, videos, guides, and more. On our website, take a look at our databases ( and see which ones could help you. You can also look through them alphabetically ( or by subject ( 

As long as you have a library card with the Temple Public Library, you have access to all of our online resources. The majority of our databases require that you log in by finding the Temple Public Library and using your library card number. Some databases may require that you create a free account by using an email and creating a password. No matter which databases you use, they are all free to access and use.  

There are a lot of resources available to you! If you ever need any help finding what you are looking for, we are always here to help. You can call the library or visit us in person with any questions you have. 

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