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Contemporary African American Authors

The following are contemporary African American authors represented in the Temple Public Library collection. For specific titles and call numbers, click on "Catalog" and search under the author's name. If you need help in locating them please check with the Reference staff.

Alers, Rochelle (fiction)
Allen, Jeffery Renard (fiction)
Anderson, Tiffany
Baisden, Michael (fiction)
Bambara, Toni (fiction)
Berry, Venise T. (fiction)
Bland, Eleanor Taylor (mystery)
Bowen, Michele Andrea (fiction)
Briscoe, Connie (fiction)
Bunkley, Anita Richmond (fiction)
Butler, Octavia (science fiction)
Campbell, Bebe Moore (fiction)
Carter, Adrienne
Channer, Colin (fiction)
Clarke, Breena (fiction)
Cleage, Pearl (fiction)
Cooper, J. California (fiction)
Darden, Christopher A. (fiction)
Deberry, Virginia (fiction)
Deloach, Nora (mystery)
Dickey, Eric Jerome (fiction)
Due, Tananarive (fiction)
Files, Lolita ( fiction)
Foster, Sharon Ewell (fiction)
Gaines, Ernest (fiction)
Gunn, Gay G. (fiction)
Guy, Rosa (fiction)
Hambly, Barbara (science fiction and mystery)
Hamilton, Virginia (fiction)
Harris, E. Lynn (fiction)
Haywood, Gar Anthony (mystery)
High, Tracy Richelle
Hill, Donna
Contemporary African American Writers    
Jackson-Opoko, Sandra (fiction)
Jackson, Shenesta (fiction)
Joe, Yolanda
Johnson, Charles Richard (fiction)
Johnson, Pamela (fiction)
Jones, Gayl (fiction)
Kincaid, Jamaica (fiction)
Kitt, Sandra (fiction)
Lambright, Slim (fiction)
Latifa, Queen
Lattany, Kristin Hunter (fiction)
Lee, Darrien (fiction)
Major, Marcus (fiction)
Marshall, Paule (fiction)
Mason, Felicia (fiction)
McCann, Timmothy (fiction)
McFadden, Bernice L. (fiction)
McMillan, Rosalyn (fiction)
McMillan, Terry (fiction)
Mitchell, Sharon (fiction)
Monroe, Mary (fiction)
Morrison, Mary (fiction)
Morrison, Toni (fiction)
Morrow, Kieran Batts
Mosley, Walter (mystery)
Murray, Victoria Christopher (fiction)
Naylor, Gloria (fiction)
Neely, Barbara (mystery)
Parks, Electa Rome (fiction)
Perrin, Kayla
Phillips, Debra
Randall, Alice (fiction)
Rawles, Nancy (fiction)
Rice, Patty (fiction)
Roby, Kimberla Lawson (fiction)
Shange, Ntozake (fiction)

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