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Native American Heritage Month @ TPL

As we embrace November, libraries across the United States join in the commemoration of Native American Heritage Month. This observance serves as a valuable opportunity to honor and explore the vast and diverse cultures, traditions, and contributions of Native Americans, and in this blog entry we hope to recognize the historical significance of this month and the role libraries play in preserving, sharing, and celebrating Native American heritage.

Through the efforts of individuals and organizations dedicated to recognizing the vital role of Native Americans in preserving the land and shaping the trajectory of the United States, President George H. W. Bush officially designated November as National American Indian Heritage Month in 1990. The month of November was chosen to honor the rich tribal traditions, as it typically marks the time when many Native communities celebrate their heritage with festivals, ceremonies, and gatherings.

One of the central goals of Native American Heritage Month is education. Libraries act as invaluable resources for educators and students seeking to learn more about Native American history, culture, and contemporary issues, offering an extensive collection of books, both fiction and non-fiction, that can serve as windows into Native American experiences.

Libraries have consistently played a crucial role in the preservation and dissemination of Native American heritage. They serve as repositories of knowledge, collecting and archiving materials that document the histories, cultures, and contributions of Native American communities. This includes books, manuscripts, photographs, oral histories, and artwork that illuminate the experiences of indigenous peoples.

This month is an opportunity to highlight the significant contributions of Native Americans to the fields of art, literature, science, and politics. These stories and narratives promote a deeper appreciation of the influence and impact of indigenous individuals throughout history. Be sure to visit the display on the first floor of the Temple Public Library during the month of November or check out any of the titles below to learn more about the Native American experience and history. 

- by Natalie McAdams, Director of Libraries and Museums 

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