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New Year @ TPL

As the dawn of a new year approaches, the Temple Public Library stands ready to be your partner in embarking on a journey of learning, exploration, and community. A glance at the January 2024 calendar reveals a vibrant tapestry of events and activities that promise to kickstart your year with enriching experiences.

Learning New Skills
This year, find an array of workshops and classes designed to help you acquire new skills and broaden your horizons. From computer literacy courses to creative writing workshops, the Temple Public Library is your haven for skill development. Whether you are looking to delve into digital realms or unleash your creative potential, the library's offerings provide a fantastic opportunity to start the year by investing in your personal and professional growth. This January, start with the following programs: 

  • January 13 @ 2PM: Healthy Eating on the Run (Registration Required
  • January 13 @ 2PM: Youth Chess Club 
  • January 27 @ 2:30PM: Words in Progress 
Starting New Reading Challenges
For the bibliophiles among us, the library calendar unfolds a world of literary adventures. Book clubs, reading challenges, and author talks abound, inviting you to immerse yourself in captivating stories and discover new perspectives. The start of the year is an ideal time to set ambitious reading goals, and the library is here to be your guide. Join a book club, participate in a themed reading challenge, and let the pages of a good book transport you to new realms in 2024.

  • January 1 – 31: It’s Not a Phase Winter Reading Challenge (Register Online
  • January 3 @ 5PM: Society of Fantastic Bibliophiles 
  • January 5 – December 20: FiftyIn50 Reading Challenge (Register Online
  • January 8 @ 6:30PM: Great Books Club
  • January 22 @ 5:30PM: Women Authors Book Club 
  • January 25 @ 7PM: Between the Covers Book Club 
Making New Friends at the Library
The library is not just a place of learning; it is a community hub where friendships are forged. January's calendar includes various social events and gatherings that provide the perfect backdrop for making new connections. Whether it's a coffee hour, a discussion group, or a collaborative project, the library fosters an environment of camaraderie. Start your year by meeting fellow learners, readers, and enthusiasts who share your passions and curiosities.

  • January 11 @ 5PM: Tween Hangout
  • January 10 @ 5PM: Sit’n’Stitch
  • January 13 @ 12PM: Garden Group
  • January 18 @ 5PM: Teen Hangout
  • January 20 @ 11AM: Sit’n’Stitch
Family-Friendly Fun
Families are not forgotten in the library's January lineup. Storytime sessions, family-friendly workshops, and movie nights are sprinkled throughout the calendar, providing opportunities for shared experiences and creating lasting memories. The library is not just a space for individual growth but a place where families can come together and bond over the magic of stories and shared activities.

  • Tuesdays @ 11AM: Baby Bookworms
  • Wednesdays @ 10:15AM: Toddler Story Time
  • Wednesdays @ 11:15AM: Preschool Story Time
  • Thursdays @ 10:15AM: Toddler Story Time
  • Saturdays @ 10:30AM: Preschool Story Time 
  • January 9 @ 11AM: Homeschool Meetup
  • January 14 @ 2PM: Unplugged: All Ages Board Games
  • January 18 @ 5PM: Family Lego Night
As the curtain rises on 2024, the Temple Public Library beckons you to step into a year of discovery, growth, and connection. Whether you are aiming to acquire new skills, embark on reading challenges, make new friends, or stay abreast of technological advancements, the library's calendar is your compass. Start the year on a note of curiosity and enthusiasm, and let the Temple Public Library be your guide to a year filled with learning, literature, and community. 

Visit our online calendar today here or download a copy of the current month’s calendar to print and keep handy! 
View our Online calendar here!
Print a copy of our calendar here

- by Natalie Alvara, Director

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