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Words in Progress

Writer's block? Dreaming of starting (or finishing) your own book? Come join us for Words in Progress: A Writers Group where we will work monthly on developing our voices, honing our creative skills, and discussing the craft and discipline of writing. From those who have never touched pen to paper to published authors, all are welcome in this constructive and supportive workshop. 

Many of us enjoy journaling or jotting things down, but sometimes it is helpful to focus in and commit to telling a story. If you are thinking about starting a writing project, or if you have already gotten a few drafts, come join us for a new writers group at the library. 

Our initial meeting will be to discuss exactly what type of group we are going to be. We will consider the following: “What kind of writing group are you hoping for?"
Groups can function exclusively as one type or some combination of types, but it is important that members are candid about what would suit their needs.

  • Accountability group: These are working groups. Members meet in a shared physical or virtual space, and they write while they’re together. They keep each other accountable by showing up to work and expecting others to do the same. Members might also work independently but have a system for regular progress updates to the group.
  • Feedback group: These groups share writing and provide feedback on one another’s drafts. Groups can be disciplinary or interdisciplinary. Members of disciplinary groups are able to give knowledgeable content feedback. Members of interdisciplinary groups can give feedback on how clearly the writers have expressed their ideas to non-expert readers.
  • Support group: These groups meet to discuss the experience of writing, to share their favorite strategies, to talk through their challenges, to provide emotional support, etc.”
We will meet on Saturday, January 27th from 2:30-4:30PM in the Program Room on the second floor, and then monthly on 4th Saturdays at the same time and location. Please email our team at with any questions! 

By Stephanie Scherer, Adult Librarian 

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